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Jedi Fallen Order Launch Issues on Steam Deck: A Deep Dive



The Steam Deck, Valve’s handheld gaming device, has been a game-changer for many gamers. However, like any new platform, it’s not without its challenges. One such challenge has been the difficulty in launching the popular game “Jedi Fallen Order” due to Origin crashing. This article delves into the issue, as discussed in a forum thread started by a user named ElusiveZatchmo.

The Problem

ElusiveZatchmo detailed his struggle to launch Jedi Fallen Order on the Steam Deck. Despite the game being marked as “playable” in the Steam store and even being used in promotional materials for the Steam Deck, the user encountered consistent crashes with Origin, the game’s launcher. The error message indicated a “serious problem,” and despite multiple attempts to troubleshoot, including using various versions of Proton and reinstalling the game, the problem persisted.

The Breakthrough

After seeking help from the Steam Deck discord community, ElusiveZatchmo discovered that the issue might be related to his Internet Service Provider (ISP), Spectrum. Interestingly, the game worked fine on his Windows setup, suggesting that the problem was specific to Linux-based systems like the Steam Deck. The solution? Manually changing the DNS server information on his router. After making this change, the game launched without any hitches.

The Community’s Response

The revelation about the ISP being a potential culprit led to a broader discussion about DNS settings. Several users, including markipolo and Compi, chimed in about their preference for using Cloudflare’s DNS for better connectivity. Compi, the SDC Founder, even mentioned routing the forum’s traffic through Cloudflare’s proxy for enhanced protection and speed.

Further Challenges

While ElusiveZatchmo found a solution, other users like Bobbiesquirrel and Campbell1082 still faced challenges. Campbell1082, also a Spectrum user, tried changing the DNS but to no avail. He also tested the game using a different network (AT&T hotspot) but encountered the same issue. This suggests that while the ISP might be a factor, it might not be the only one.


The thread underscores the complexities of gaming on new platforms. While the Steam Deck offers a promising gaming experience, there are still kinks to be ironed out. The community’s collaborative spirit, as seen in the thread, is a testament to gamers’ passion and commitment to helping each other out. As for Jedi Fallen Order, the game’s launch issues on the Steam Deck highlight the importance of continuous testing and community feedback in ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

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