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Factorio’s Latest Update (1.1.83) Introduces Gamepad Support


Factorio enthusiasts have a new reason to dive back into the game with the latest experimental update (1.1.83), announced just 12 hours ago. Alongside a host of fixes, the update brings a highly anticipated feature: controller support. This addition is particularly beneficial for players using the Steam Deck, as it allows all in-game actions to be easily controlled using the buttons on the gamepad.

To access this update, players need to navigate to their Factorio preferences and select the betas tab. From there, they can choose version 1.1.83 from the drop-down menu (alternatively, they can opt for “Latest 1.1 Experimental”). After selecting the update, simply download it, and the game will launch in the new version. Players may need to adjust the controller scheme to “Gamepad with Joystick Trackpad” to fully utilize gamepad controls.

Adapting to the new controls might take some time, especially given the abundance of shortcuts, but fear not—there’s a handy box in the bottom left corner of the screen while in-game. This box displays which buttons to press for specific in-game actions, tailored to the player’s current situation.

For Steam Deck users, Factorio performs excellently and even has a native build for Linux. The game is available on Steam for $35, or for $28 through Humble Choice.

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