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The Quest for the Perfect Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Steam Deck


Ever since I heard about Valve’s Steam Deck, I was buzzing with excitement. The idea of a handheld gaming device with such power was thrilling. However, when I learned that the 64GB model didn’t come with an anti-glare screen, my heart sank a bit. Determined not to let this minor setback ruin my experience, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect anti-glare screen protector.

The Dilemma

The lack of an anti-glare option on my chosen model was a bummer. I began to wonder if there were any quality anti-glare screen protectors out there that could mimic the experience of the higher-end models. I also held a glimmer of hope that perhaps a renowned brand like dbrand might soon offer a solution.

Taking Advice and Making Choices

Having had some experience with screen protectors on my phone, I knew that not all were created equal. Some left a grainy finish, making the screen look as if it was perpetually dirty. I had heard that glass protectors were the way to go, as they were easier to apply without those pesky air bubbles. But there was also a downside: if they chipped, they could be sharp.

In my research, I stumbled upon a matte screen protector that seemed promising. It was made of glass, boasted a 9H hardness rating, and was produced by a reputable German company. Feeling optimistic, I decided to give it a shot.

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

When the screen protector arrived, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. Instead of the clear, crisp display I was hoping for, my screen looked blurry. To make matters worse, there was a subtle shimmer that became incredibly distracting. I felt deceived, especially when I realized that the protector wasn’t even made of glass, contrary to what the product description had led me to believe.


My journey to find the perfect anti-glare screen protector for the Steam Deck has been a mix of hope, excitement, and disappointment. While I’ve yet to find the perfect solution, I’ve learned the importance of thorough research and taking user reviews into account. The quest continues, and I remain hopeful that I’ll find a screen protector that meets my expectations.

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