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Unmissable Steam Deck Game Sales This Black Friday (2023)– Top 30 Picks


Black Friday 2023 brings a treasure trove of deals for Steam Deck users! If expanding your Steam Deck game library is on your wishlist, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 Steam Deck game deals available right now. Whether you’re into action, strategy, or indie games, there’s a black Friday deal for everyone.

1. Aces and Adventures: $12 (Was $20) A thrilling card-based adventure at a 40% discount. Ideal for those who enjoy strategic gameplay with a twist.

2. Amid Evil: $10 (Was $20) A retro FPS throwback, now half-priced. A must-play for old-school shooter fans.

3. Arcade Paradise: $12 (Was $20) Run your own gaming arcade in this unique simulation, available for 40% off.

4. Battle of Polytopia: $9 (Was $15) Engage in this strategic turn-based game at a 40% discount.

5. Boomerang X: $8 (Was $20) An action-packed boomerang adventure, now at 60% off.

6. Celeste: $5 (Was $20) A critically acclaimed platformer with a heartwarming story, available for 75% off.

7. Chained Echoes: $20 (Was $25) A beautifully crafted RPG, now at a 20% discount.

8. Circuit Superstars: $10 (Was $20) Race to the finish in this top-down racer, now half-priced.

9. Cocoon: $20 (Was $25) Immerse yourself in this puzzle adventure at 20% off.

10. Cult of the Lamb: $15 (Was $25) Lead your cult to victory in this unique game, now 40% off.

11. Dead by Daylight: $8 (Was $20) A multiplayer horror game, available at a 60% discount.

12. Dead Cells: $15 (Was $25) An engaging roguelike platformer, now 40% off.

13. Diablo 4: $42 (Was $70) Dive into this epic action RPG at a 40% discount.

14. Dome Keeper: $9 (Was $18) Protect your dome in this strategic game, available for 50% off.

15. Dredge: $19 (Was $25) Explore mysterious waters in this adventure game, now 24% off.

16. Gravity Circuit: $13 (Was $17) A fast-paced racing challenge, available at a 24% discount.

17. Hades: $12 (Was $25) Battle out of the underworld in this acclaimed game, now 52% off.

18. Halls of Torment: $4 (Was $5) Survive the torment in this horror game, available for 20% off.

19. Hitman 3: $28 (Was $70) Step into the shoes of Agent 47 at a whopping 60% discount.

20. Into the Breach: $7 (Was $15) A tactical battle against alien invaders, now 53% off.

21. A Little to the Left: $10 (Was $15) A quirky puzzle game, available for 33% off.

22. Marvel’s Midnight Suns: $20 (Was $60) Join Marvel heroes in this strategy RPG, now 67% off.

23. Moonstone Island: $16 (Was $20) Embark on a magical adventure, available at a 20% discount.

24. No Man’s Sky: $30 (Was $60) Explore endless galaxies, now at 50% off.

25. Persona 5 Royal: $36 (Was $60) Dive into this acclaimed JRPG at a 40% discount.

26. Rogue Legacy 2: $15 (Was $25) A challenging roguelite adventure, now 40% off.

27. Sea of Stars: $32 (Was $35) A beautifully animated RPG adventure, available at a 9% discount.

28. Slay the Spire: $8 (Was $25) A unique card-based strategy game, now 68% off.

29. Subnautica: $10 (Was $30) Discover underwater wonders, available for 67% off.

30. Vampire Survivors: $4 (Was $5) Survive the night in this action-packed game, now 20% off.

Why These Deals Are a Steal These Black Friday deals provide an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of genres at reduced prices. Each game is optimized for the Steam Deck, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Expand Your Steam Deck Library Now With offerings like “Celeste” and “No Man’s Sky,” broaden your gaming experiences at great prices. Act fast, as these deals are time-sensitive!

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