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Can you play Roblox on steam deck?


Roblox, a widely popular game, has undergone significant changes in recent months, raising the question of whether it will make a comeback on Steam Deck and Linux.

Linux users have been without access to Roblox for some time due to the integration of an anti-cheat system into the game. This move, intended to secure the game against potential hacks, has unintentionally locked out users on Steam Deck and other Linux-based PCs. The situation mirrors challenges faced by games like Call of Duty and Destiny 2, where anti-cheat measures are implemented to protect against malicious activities on the less regulated Linux operating system.

Does Roblox work on Steam Deck?

As of now, Roblox is not compatible with Steam Deck, whether through native support or using Proton, and access via Wine has also been blocked. The Roblox Corporation has not provided a clear timeline for restoring functionality to Linux users.

In a recent forum post, AtomicOperation, a staff member of the company, addressed the issue:

“To clarify one detail: while we have no plans to release a Linux client, we are aiming to support Wine. It seems possible, and we see a lot of value in it as a way of letting people run on Linux without the large investment on our end of releasing a native client. For all the reasons described above, Wine won’t ever be something that we guarantee will work, but also for all the reasons described above, we’d really like to make it work.”

In essence, despite the success of SteamOS, Proton, and the growth of Linux gaming, the company does not currently see the value in creating a direct port to the operating system. Therefore, it may take some time before Roblox becomes compatible with Linux distributions via Wine.