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Does steam deck download in sleep mode 


Games are continuously increasing in size, often surpassing 100GB, despite some titles utilizing SSDs and faster access to reduce their footprint. Notably, games like Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on Steam can occupy a substantial 130GB, leading users to seek methods such as deleting unused language files to save space.

The Steam Deck provides a convenient gaming experience, but its limited storage capacity prompts users to inquire whether the device can download games in sleep mode, similar to how PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X operate.

Can the Steam Deck download games in sleep mode?

As of now, the Steam Deck, being essentially a portable PC, emulates a laptop in sleep mode, hindering its ability to download games during this state. Initiating a download and entering instant sleep mode interrupts the process, and the download only resumes when the Steam Deck is reactivated.

A workaround exists within the options menu under the “Downloads” section, located beneath the Friends & Chat menu and above the Cloud menu. Users can enable the “Allow downloads during gameplay” option, although it’s important to note that this feature is disabled by default. While this permits downloads and updates while playing a game, it may impact performance, making it a decision users must consider carefully.

In conclusion, the Steam Deck’s current limitations mean that downloading games in sleep mode requires manual intervention or potential performance trade-offs, providing users with essential information for managing their gaming experience on the platform.