Warranty question


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Jul 29, 2022
Hello All,

I made what was probably a huge mistake:

Paid extra to buy a Deck (sealed/unopened) via Ebay. I cancelled my preorder from earlier this week because it read Q4 expected ETA.
I was hasty, because I will be doing much travel during the month of August and it’d be nice to have. My new Deck arrives tomorrow.

The reason I now think this was a huge mistake? Warranty claims. What if I need to file a warranty or worse yet return the unit? I think I’d be screwed

I just emailed Steam support to ask what type of warranty I’ll have and am waiting for their reply.

I guess worse case scenario, if this one is fried or has problems, I can get back on the preorder list and pay for /order another, but that would really suck.

Thoughts anyone?


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Feb 3, 2022
As far as I understand, the warranty is on the functionality of the device and is not linked to the first buyer.

However, this could vary from country to country.


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May 23, 2022
You should ask for the receipt though. Maybe the seller can send over the original email from valve, so you have something in your hands.
yeah, @jfish930 like kupfer said, you probably should ask for the receipt as the best choice possible, even if it was bought via resale.
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