Virtual Item Acquisition


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Feb 14, 2022
For the
"Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle"
and the "Exclusive virtual keyboard theme"
how are we getting them? is it just the typical code in the box scenario, or does it give it when on login, your account is detected to be on a steamdeck?
Or is it linked to the account that was used to order it? though that makes less sense for 3rd party.

Sorry if the answer is obvious but wanted to know what you think, though I think its the paper code in the box scenario


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Feb 4, 2022
I would guess this will be linked to the steam account that ordered the steam deck in the first place !

If you want to use it mainly with another steam account then you should contact support and ask this question beforehand.

You can use multiple accounts on tbe deck in general according to the official faq.
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