Viable to install on actual Steam Deck?


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Jul 16, 2022

Would it be viable to install Holoiso on an actual steam deck?

I mean, will all the drivers work and such?
I would like my deck to be more like real arch, yes i do know you can make the os writable and add sudo password, but still there is some issues with adding other DE:s/WM:s with login manager not working as I want to.
Tried to patch/compile DWM aswell, but the "include" files are all over the place in SteamOS.

I'm mainly using the deck docked as a work computer when not at home.



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Oct 13, 2022
Personally, I think so. I went for it myself (if something goes wrong I can just reimage with the recovery provided by Valve right?)

A few pros:

1. WiFi seems to be SOO much more stable.

2. The OS isn't spread across like 8 different partitions.

3. You get that "this is real Linux power/I'm in control" feeling.

3.2 ufw is shipped with the HoloISO, unlike the official SteamOS on the deck.

4. I'm not sure if it was just me or not, but I had issues with settings actually applying and saving on official, and I'd sometimes have to reset just to change WiFi settings or something.

5. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that in the settings info on official, the VRAM shows 1GB but on HoloISO it shows 4GB, I may just be tripping though.

6. The whole process can be accomplished with just your SteamDeck and a USB-C flashdrive. Although a USB-C hub with power delivery wouldn't hurt.


1. If you've already painstakingly setup your deck and installed a bunch of stuff, ugh, I'm so sorry. But do it again.

2. It takes some time. From start to finish I think it took me about two hours. But I was also distracted.
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