success install but failed to launch on 11th intel igpu


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Jun 19, 2022
manage install hohoiso on my intel 1135G7 with xe 96 eu igpu.
when install, I choose full install and intel graphic
during install process, no noticeable download error or install error.

after reboot, grub showed up, normal boot failed, just black screen.
choose recovery mode and change auto login behaver
the login screen showed up.
left up conor, change to x11 desktop, can login success, but there's no game could run on steam.
change to Gamescope, still crash.
  • Intel GPUs/iGPUs require a Gamescope and MESA downgrade in order to boot into Steam Deck session.
Choose your GPU type while installing HoloISO. If you encounter any issues, reboot to recovery mode, type recoveryinit, connect to network using nmtui and install required packages.
install required packages,what's required packages? I don't see any notice, I don't know which package is needed:ROFLMAO:
any one got a solution?


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Jun 21, 2022
following this thread. Did you make any progress? I did get into recovery mode and get into recoveryinit. I ran as user 'yay -S downgrade'. Then back into root 'downgrade mesa' and subsequently 'downgrade gamescope'. I could not figure out what version of mesa and/or gamescope I needed for intell but nothing seemed to work. I am thinking of installing popos and going this route:
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