Steam Deck Client and OS Update: Official


Feb 14, 2022
Valve has posted new update patch notes.

NOTE: When updating, make sure you are in game mode, not Desktop mode. If you've updated from desktop mode and are stuck in a boot-loop, please follow these recovery instructions.

Today's update includes Steam, OS, and firmware updates, and may take a few minutes to apply after restarting. Please be patient while your Steam Deck updates.

This update has been re-released at 10PM PDT to fix an issue with lock screen PIN entry

Client Update:

  • Added
    Lock Screen
    • Lock screen is specific to device, and can be set to show up on wake, boot, login, and/or when switching to Desktop mode
    • PIN can be entered using the touchscreen or controls
  • Added localized keyboards for 21 languages and layouts
    • Multiple keyboards can be enabled in Settings > Keyboard > Active Keyboards
    • Use the new globe key on the keyboard to cycle between active keyboards
  • Added support for multiple windows within one application or game.
    • Press Steam to view active windows and select which window you would like to view
    • Useful for web browsers or games with launchers
  • Updated
    page design, making it faster to load and easier to navigate
  • New achievements drop down allows players to quickly compare stats against any friend who also plays
  • Add Friend
    Pending Requests
    have been combined into a single new page for better handling of friend requests
  • Added logic to detect and notify user when a microSD card doesn't match advertised storage size and specifications, instead of attempting to format (for a very long time)
  • Fixed issue where Steam and (...) button couldn't be used with Remote Play when streaming games from PC
  • More performance improvements for players with very large game libraries

OS Update:

  • Added messaging when a charger that doesn't meet the minimum bar is plugged in
  • Added uncapped framerate setting in Quick Access menu > Performance
  • Added Half-Rate Shading experimental option to Quick Access menu > Performance, forcing 2x2 Variable Rate Shading into existing games for power savings
  • Added fTPM support, enabling Windows 11 installation
  • Added button combo: hold "..." + "Volume Down" to reset PD contract in the cases where Steam Deck gets stuck due to an incompatible Type-C device
  • Updated power LED to dim a few seconds after power supply connection events for better experience in dark environments
  • Improved compatibility for a number of Type-C docks and PSUs
  • Improved battery life in idle or very low usage scenarios
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed issues where the touchscreen does not work after some boots
  • Fixed compatibility with some SD cards specifically when used as boot devices.
  • Fixed extra haptic click when pressing on trackpads
  • Fixed ACPI error spew in the kernel


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Feb 3, 2022
  • Fixed extra haptic click when pressing on trackpads
I wonder if the update would have fixed my trackpad issue .... never mind :D

But great update, you notice how it gets better with each update and that Valve values the customer and tries to do everything right. I squint in the direction of Sony, who have only today, one and a half years after release, managed to bring the advertised and announced VRR on the PS5. And there is still no folder structure in the dashboard.
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