Steam Custom Artwork


Feb 13, 2022
Do any of you like to dive into photoshop and design your own Steam Artwork?
Since I've seen some art displayed on Decks, I figured I should design some of my own, for my own library.
I've mostly just taken logo's and artwork I've found online, and slapped them into a simple 600x900 template with a little custom border.
Here's my library so far, both for games I plan to play on Deck, as just on my PC.

There's also some great artwork on SteamGridDB for those who didn't know already.
Feel free to post your own, critique mine, or even request some artwork for your favourite games.

Decided to do some emulators and software as well :D I think I might have to add some logo's of the hardware they're emulating as well, since I don't know all of them..
IMGUR2 (without logo's)
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