Shutdown loop after initial install update


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Nov 30, 2022
I recently installed HoloISO 3.3 successfully on my Optiplex 3040 running Intel i7 6700 with 16GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon 6400X.
I get to the Welcome screen where you select your language, timezone, and wifi connection. I go through these with no problem except after connecting to wifi.

The next screen tells me there's an update and that it might take a while and also tells me that my device's battery is low and I should plug it in (even though it's a desktop) and then after a few seconds it will say update failed and steam is shutting down. This will then restart to the welcome screen, asking for the language select again. I tried using different internet connections, even using direct LAN cable but it still loops like this.

Any idea what might be wrong?

Thanks for the help

EDIT: Downloading and installing the latest ISO (HoloISO_Stable_OfflineInstaller-20221127_1736-x86_64.iso) from did it for me. I should mention though that it still shut down after the initial update screen (I was heartbroken as I thought it was the same issue) but after rebooting it went straight to the Steam sign-on screen and was able to log in and download and play games. Was able to test play a quick game of Rocket League with no issues. It does say I need to update the system in the system settings - which I will hold off as I think it will break the OS.

Another user from the HoloISO TG channel also reported the same issue too, using the same latest ISO release (HoloISO_Stable_OfflineInstaller-20221127_1736-x86_64.iso) but his did not continue to the sign-on screen but rebooted to the welcome screen loop. I'm not sure if I just got lucky.
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Jan 26, 2023
i have the same issue. i'm working with the v4.0 iso from mid december. were you able to run updates on SteamOS after you did the initial installation? from what i can tell in the issue log on github this is due to an issue with running SteamOS updates. if the offline installer you have includes the latest version of SteamOS then you dont need to run an update. and you get to login screen fine. However, if you do need to run an update then you get stuck.

A workaround was posted on github that explained that you needed to make some fixes in the pacman.conf file, but i dont know how to do that in linux... anyone here know?
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