Need help! My Steam Deck won't turn on. Any advice?


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May 16, 2023
I'm in desperate need of some assistance here. I recently got my hands on the highly anticipated Steam Deck, and I was beyond excited to dive into some gaming sessions. However, I've encountered a major roadblock. My Steam Deck refuses to turn on like after 20 minutes of gameplay my game crashed and the Steam Deck got turned off automatically.

Here's what I've tried so far:

  1. I've made sure to charge the device for a significant amount of time, but it doesn't seem to respond. I've even tried different charging cables and power sources, but no luck.
  2. I've pressed and held the power button for various durations, hoping it would kickstart the device, but unfortunately, there's been no sign of life.

Despite these efforts, I still can't get my Steam Deck to power on. It's incredibly disheartening, especially after the long wait and anticipation

I'm reaching out to the community in the hopes that someone has experienced a similar problem or has any suggestions on how to resolve this issue.

UPDATE: Still facing the issue so anyone who can help meeee
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