My experience reselling my Steam Deck


Feb 14, 2022
I'm ashamed to say that I resold my Steam Deck. I pre-ordered the thing the second it went on sale, though you may recall that the servers crashed. So I didn't actually get it through until 5 minutes after the sale went live. Since then, my financial situation has changed and I also realized that I already have plenty to play. For portability, I have a 2DS, a DS, and a phone with a PSX emulator (I'm playing Lunar Silver Star Story). But I prefer to play on a TV while sitting on a couch. I have a PS4, Wii U, and a GameCube. I also have a Steam Link with a Steam controller, though I usually just use my Xbox controller. It works really well, honestly. I've been playing Alba. I have a very good custom, PC, too, but I really don't like playing on it. Finally, I play cloud gaming a lot because I have a cloud gaming news website. I visited my brother for several days last week. I brought my Stadia controller and the controller clip, and I played Darksiders II every night on my phone, perfectly.

The Steam Deck costs me $559.71 USD total. I decided I could really use that money for obvious life reasons. So I put it up on eBay. I never intended to resell, let alone "scalp" it, but the opportunity presented itself.

I sold it for $1,025. You might think I made about $450, then. Not so, in my case.
After costs and fees, I netted $284.

Here were my expenses:
  • $24.05 for shipping
  • $7.75 for an automatic eBay shipping label (which I shouldn't have paid but didn't understand how it works)
  • $149.44 for eBay's cut.
    eBay charges a 12.9% fee. And I also had a 1.65% fee because the buyer is registered in Australia, even though I shipped it to Oregon.
So it's not quite as lucrative as you might assume, especially since this isn't including at least 2 hours of messaging and driving to the post office, etc, which is essentially money for me since I get paid by the hour.

Thought you might be interested to know.

I will definitely get a Steam Deck eventually. Probably next year. I really want the dock. And more importantly, I really want Valve to release a new Steam Controller. Their first attempt is ok, but I pretty much never use it. The new version needs a second analog stick and improved track pads. The shoulder buttons could also use some work.
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