Information from Valve about Q1 & Q2 Orders ;)


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Feb 4, 2022


Happy launch day! We’ve seen some questions about what it means to be in the Q1 reservation group, and when these folks will receive their emails. Here’s how it breaks down.

All people who are in the Q1 reservation window on the Steam Deck store page will receive an order email by the end of March. (Q1 is Quarter 1, or January through March).
The first batch of emails has already gone out this morning.
The next batch of emails will go out on Monday, March 7th. (It turns out the logistics work out better if we don’t try to ship over a weekend.)
We’ll continue sending emails to Q1 reservers in the order their reservations were made on a weekly basis through the end of March (March 14th, 21st, 28th)
In April, we’ll start going through the Q2 queue in a similar fashion.

We’re working through our production schedules, and will have news soon for folks in the After-Q2 bucket.


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Feb 3, 2022
As a member f the Q2 group, this is actually working out pretty well for me. This provides time for the software and drivers to mature which seems to be needed based on early reactions, and perhaps more importantly, it gives the community time to identify how to properly exploit the unit as a whole to get the best experience. I'm looking forward to seeing user solutions as they are developed and refined over time.

I also just dropped $2K on an Alienware X14, so I don't mind waiting 30 days to drop another $650 ;)
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