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Feb 3, 2022
This article from IGN is from a recent interview from Gabe. I found the portions I highlighted below to be of particular interest.

During a recent interview, Newell told IGN that Valve has no plans to increase the price of any of the three original hardware configurations for the Steam Deck. "I mean, part of what you do with pricing is you're making a promise to customers.

Interestingly, Newell said he "would not have guessed" that the $649 Steam Deck model, which includes 512GB of NVMe SSD internal storage and an anti-glare etched glass, had outsold the $399 entry-level model, which has 64GB of slower eMMC internal storage.

When asked if Valve was thinking about new Steam Deck models in the future, Newell confirmed as much... "Absolutely. That's the great thing about the PC market. Right? That it just continues. Like a year from now, AMD is going to have better parts. Right? A year from now, all the component suppliers are going to either expand capacity, expand performance, or reduce costs. So, we're absolutely going to ride that as hard as we can. That's part of the thing about being in the PC space is everybody's essentially driving everybody else's price performance improvements over time."
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