I'd like to share the guide I made earlier about getting the Sims Complete Collection to work


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Mar 3, 2023
How to install The Sims Complete Collection on Steam Deck (Detailed)

After trying to follow existing guides on how to do this and failing, I have finally figured out a way to get the game running with sound through Steam/Lutris.

1. Navigate to OldGamesDownload and grab The Sims Complete Collection archive file.
2. Extract the file, go into Game Files, Setup, and right-click the Setup.exe, click Add to Steam.
3. Go into Steam and locate the exe file in your library, click the cogwheel and go to Properties.
4. Click Compatibility, check the box to force the app to use Proton, use Proton 7.0-6.
5. Return to Gaming Mode and launch the Setup.exe. It's important to do this in Gaming Mode as the keyboard won't show up if you launch it in Desktop Mode. Setup as usual.
6. When you're brought to the language selection, choose your language, click Play The Sims. Choose the bigger resolution. The game will then close. This is okay. Go back into Desktop Mode.
7. Now, follow the instructions on OldGamesDownload to replace the Sims.exe file in program files x86. Open the Dolphin file explorer and go to this path (Make sure hidden files are shown): /home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/2418778981/pfx/drive\_c/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/The Sims. The number after compatdata may look different for you, but the rest is the same. Replace the Sims.exe file.
8. This next part is tricky, so pay close attention. Go to GameBurnWorld and grab the No CD Patch Fix for The Sims Complete Collection. Extract the archive. Open the archive that it generates. This should include a Sims.exe file. Extract that file. You should now have an unzipped,regular folder. I used Google Drive to move this folder onto my deck and did this step on a regular PC. Doing this on the deck caused an incorrect password error. Of course, if you have an sd card in your deck, you can transfer the folder that way.
9. Once the zip file is on the Deck, replace the Sims.exe once again in the above path.
10. Open Lutris, click the +, and select Add locally installed game.
11. In Game info, Name the title whatever you want (I named mine The Sims Complete Collection). For Runner, select Wine (Runs windows games). You don't have to put release year if you don't want to.
12. In Game Options, under Executable, navigate to the above path where The Sims is installed, and make sure the Sims.exe is included in the path. Do the same path for Working directory (don't need to include exe). For this, you'll need to copy and paste the path into the working directory dialog box, as it won't enter hidden files. Arguments and Wine prefix can be left blank, and Prefix architecture can be left on Auto.
13. In Runner Options, you'll need to turn on Windowed(virtual desktop). If you don't and try to launch the game, it will open to a video glitch after the EA logo and crash after a few seconds. Select 800x1280 for Virtual desktop resolution. Leave everything else as is. Save the configuration.
14. The game should now be working when you click Play in Lutris.

Originally posted this on reddit, DM there u/LacunaLies if you run into any issues or need help with mods.
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