HoloISO wont use my gpu's full power.


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Jul 16, 2022
hi ! i do have a rx6500xt, my gpu on linux and windows haves a core clock around 2800mhz.

But when i am playing a game in holoiso my maximun GPU mhz is 500 (mangohud says that), the gpu usage is 100%, the cpu uses all its cores and all its ghz corectly with no issues, so i assume the problem is only in the gpu.

also my neofetch shows something weird in the gpu:
GPU: AMD ATI 0a:00.0 Device 743f
GPU Driver: amdgpu

(it should say "AMD ATI Radeon Rx 6400 / Rx 6500 XT" )

also in game mode "hardware info" i do have something weird instead of my real gpu!

Also the "manual GPU power" option does not works and it only shows a maximum of 1600mhz (I assume that's the deck's maximum GHz on its iGPU) should be cool to be able to see each user real GPU max and min power and be able to configurate manually it.

GPU fans never spinning, the graphics card never went upside 40°c witch is weird.


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