External display: what do default and native mean under game properties - resolution?


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Jan 18, 2023
I recently used a Jsaux dock to connect to my external 1080p display.

As I understand it three settings are relevant for impacting game resolution
1) system settings - either auto or manually set a resolution. This determines the actual resolution of the external display. Set to 1080p.
2) Game properties. Without changing this, even with a high res display, the game will only see up to 1280x800. Linux noob but I think this is called gamescope and is some sort of virtual display and this is what the game will see. Without changes here the game still does not allow me to use 1080p.
3) In-game settings. Even with everything set up correctly, here you actually set the resolution you want to play on

Under 2) I can set a whole range of resolutions up to 1080p. However there are also two options called "default" and "native" - can someone explain what they mean and/or if it is usefull to use these rather than setting a manual resolution?
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