EmuDeck, PS3 Games & File Locations


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Sep 15, 2022
Hi all

Hopefully a quick question
I have EmuDeck install on my Steam Deck, works a treat, all the games i have dropped into the ROMs folder have been presented in Emulation Station as i expected them to and worked great..... Up to the PS3

RPCS3 is installed and i have add a know working ROM, i can run it in the emulator from the desktop or the emulator from steam and it works great BUT no matter where i save the ROM to it doesn't show in emulation station

Just to check my work:
With PS3 games i am unpacking the ZIP file and I'm left with a PS3_Game folder and a PS3_Disk.sfb which i have in a 'Game Titled' folder. I place that in the ROMs folder

what am i doing wrong
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