Dell 9020 gets BATTERY LOW. RESTARTING error msg


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Feb 14, 2023
the HoloISO/SteamOS "updater" and asks for the Language, Timezone, and Wired Network. It then connects to the network, and a blue "status line" briefly starts to move, BUT at the top of the display is an Orange warning. "BATTERY LOW. RESTARTING." and the system reboots. Not a reboot loop, but after every selection of the Network a reboot.

Problem Fixed: Maybe the Low Battery error was a Red Herring, but I download the latest nightly link _(1601) and the problem went away. Connected to Valve and seems to running ok, just needs optimal configuration and of the PC, the OS and the Valve settings.

Griffen8280 commented last week

Fixed this on my install. Just reboot into the HoloIso installer and use the new CHROOT feature added in the latest version. Once you are in the chroot environment just run:
systemctl disable upower.service
Once I did that the service wasn't reporting that my desktop had a "low battery" and shutting down immediately.
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