Database for "unknown" & "unsupported" games


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Feb 3, 2022
Let's create a DB of our user experiences for games with unknown or even unsupported status! 🙂
I will edit and update this post as more and more experiences are shared by you.

As a basis, I would suggest a simple bulleted list as follows:

  • Title / status
  • Time/progress already played/made on the deck
  • Game only launches under special circumstances (SteamOS/Experimental/Linux Desktop).
  • Settings / Performance
  • Other details worth mentioning like controls, fonts etc.

If you can think of any other important points, let me know!

Grand Theft Auto IV : Complete Edition
  • 1h roaming around the city with a 100% save game
  • the game only loads when started via the Linux desktop version for me. Via SteamOS it gets stuck in the loading screen.
  • native resolution, mid to high, mostly 60fps
  • except for starting the game, everything runs smoothly. I only tested the main game and can't say anything about the add-ons yet. Controls are fine out of the box.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
  • 4 hours, made it to Streloks stash
  • starts perfectly fine via SteamOS
  • native resolution, mid to high, mostly 60fps
  • controls need massive adjustment, but if you take the 10 minutes, the game plays really well. Gyro-aiming while aim-down-sight is a really nice touch. You definitely need the mouse functions in the main menu, inventory and conversations, the rest can be adjusted so that the game plays like a console title. The in-game fonts are legible and not too small.
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