Bluetooth Range is very bad with holoiso on Minisforum um270


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Aug 5, 2022
Hello all,

I installed holoiso on my Minisorurm UM270. Everything works great except the Bluetooth range seems to be really bad. Running Windows the controller works fine from my couch but with Holo iso there's a lot of input lag.

I am using a DS5 controller. Any tips?


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May 23, 2022
I looked up your PC, and I must say it's a cool looking mini PC 😉


However, since you mentioned that your 🎮PS DS 5 Controller works fine on windows, it could very well be an issue with HoloISO itself, or maybe it could be your machine, or controller either. 🤔 hmmm...

are you also using HoloISO on it's own or dual boot? (though I think that doesn't work fine at the moment)

do you have any other Bluetooth controllers you could try on your MiniPC? or maybe even wired ones.
or maybe it's just reacting wierdly to the main bluetooth of your PC, you could maybe try a pluggable USB bluetooth dongle, like described here.
and then see what happens.

if that fails then it might really have something to do with HoloISO not playing nice with certain hardware. 😐
(also there's a typo in the name of your PC in the main body of your post 😉)
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